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Zinetic Cinema Various Films- Cinema Regio

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The Zinètic Cinema, an independent film series, returns to Cinema Regio in San Antonio for its seventh season, continuing its tradition of showcasing an intriguing lineup of original language films with subtitles.

The series will feature nine movies, screened on various Thursdays each month at either 20:30 or 21:30, starting from November 10, 2022, and concluding on March 23, 2023. This season offers a unique opportunity to enjoy quality, alternative cinema that deviates from the mainstream commercial circuit, including many festival films.

Tickets are priced at just 5 euros, making Zinetic Cinema an accessible and must-visit cultural event.

– November 16, 2023: ‘Smoking causes coughing’ by Quentin Dupieux. France 2022. 80 min. Comedy.
After battling a demonic turtle, the vigilante group “TABAC FORCE” is sent on a retreat, which is disrupted by the evil emperor Lézardin’s plans to destroy Earth.

– November 30, 2023: ‘The Boy and the Heron’ by Hayao Miyazaki. Japan 2023. 124 min. Animation, Drama, Fantasy.
A tale of Mahito, a boy led by a talking heron to an alternate world in search of his mother, based on Yoshino Genzaburō’s 1937 novel.

– December 14, 2023: ‘Godland’ by Hlynur Palmason. Iceland 2022. 143 min. Drama.
A Danish priest’s journey to build a church in Iceland, confronting temptation and sin in the harsh landscape.

– January 11, 2024: ‘Falcon Lake’ by Charlotte Le Bon. Canada 2022. 100 min. Romance, Drama.
A teenage romance blossoms in Quebec, surrounded by the mystery of a lake ghost.

– January 25, 2024: ‘Fallen Leaves’ by Aki Kaurismäki. Finland 2023. 81 min. Comedy, Drama.
The unlikely love story of Ansa and Holappa in Helsinki, amidst struggles with work and alcohol addiction.

– February 8, 2024: ‘The Zone of Interest’ by Jonathan Glazer. United Kingdom 2023. 106 min. Drama.
A story set in Auschwitz, focusing on the lives of commandant Rudolf Höss and his family.

– February 22, 2024: ‘Poor Things’ by Yorgos Lanthimos. Ireland 2023. 141 min. Fantasy, Adventure.
Bella Baxter’s journey of discovery and liberation, brought back to life by a scientist.

– February 29, 2024: With IbizaCineFest (IBZCF) ‘The Sultana’s Dream’ by Isabel Herguera. Spain 2023. 86 min. Animation, Drama, Fantasy.
An animation director’s exploration of a feminist Indian story leads to a film project.

– March 14, 2024: ‘La chimera’ by Alice Rohrwacher. Italy 2023. 130 min. Drama.
A focus on archaeological looting and illegal sales in the Tuscan countryside.

For a unique cinematic experience showcasing a range of international films, Zinètic Cinema at Cinema Regio is the place to be.



Nov 16 2023


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