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Youth Activities in Santa Gertrudis

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From April 14 onwards, there will be an event taking place at the Santa Gertrudis Church located on Carrer de la Venda des Poble, 12, in Santa Gertrudis, Balearic Islands.

The event will be held in the Plaza de la Iglésia, which is the square in front of the parish church of Santa Gertrudis. It will start at 4:30 p.m., though the specific details of the event are not provided.

Given the location at the church and the timing, it could be a religious service, a community gathering, a cultural event, or even a celebration of a special occasion. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience the local traditions, connect with the community, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Santa Gertrudis.


Dec 08 2023




Santa Gertrudis Church
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