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Sunday Social Walk

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Each sunday we organize a wonderful community walk guided by knowledgeable guides who have years of experience, filled with local knowledge of plants and historical stories, it is an amazing way to get to know the island.

A quick overview of what we are organizing this month:

see our calendar for details: https://ibizaoutdoors.com/calendar/


Sunday, 5th February – 10.00h

From the church of San Mateu, your guide Lia will lead you on this walk that just keeps giving! As we head upwards past the terraced fields and into the woods, every few metres discloses more of the vista until we reach the adventurous part. Here we clamber over some boulders to reach a breathtaking viewpoint looking down to Cala d’Albarca. Pods of Dolphins have been spotted here so perhaps we will be lucky!

We then loop back to the start point along a quiet camino with more amazing views, and then we head down, down, down an old abandoned road to a spectacular natural stone bridge!  We will pause to take photos of this amazing sight, before heading back up, up, up to where we came from.


Sunday 5th February – 1700h

The moon is still rising high up in the north so we will go to the Portinatx lighthouse to watch it rising from the sea (fingers crossed)!  The planets that accompanied the moon during summer have disappeared and are now visible in the morning just before sunrise.

We walk on an even dirtroad through a forest to reach the coast of Portinatx and the highest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands. On our walk we will stop here and there to listen to the amazing story of the moon´s violent origin, its importance to life on earth and the latest news of the preparations to go back to the moon!

15 minutes after moonrise the sun will set – please bring a torch for the way back as we´ll be walking in the dark.


Sunday 12th February – 10.00h

Starting from the beach of San Vicente this walk leads you over the original pilgrim’s path that has been used for thousands of years all the way to Tanit’s cave. The area near Tanit’s cave has a deep ancient history and a strong connection with the feminine energy related to this Phoenician goddess of Ibiza. Here Ankhana will guide a short meditation. After the meditation we continue through a beautiful forest, before heading back to the beach where we started.


Sunday 19th February – 10.00h

Our guide Roger will take you on a special walk, discovering lots of hidden and beautiful places. This journey will begin in the sandy car park in front of the Mariner’s bar at the estuary to the river. We’ll head to a secret tunnel and some magical view-points where we’ll stop and have break. Bring some snacks to enjoy at the break if you want.


Sunday 26th February – 10.00h

Our guide John will be taking you on a magical journey packed full of fantastic views of the North of our beautiful Ibiza, visiting a few special beaches and swim areas on the way. We’ll venture out to a secret area visited by very few people, and then walking a little further to take our adventure into some caves before heading along a coastal route to savour more stunning sights.


How do the walks work? Read on….

What to bring on the walks:
A small backpack so your hands are free
At least 1.5 litres of water
Some snacks to keep you going
Good foot wear that has been worn in, trainers are generally ok as long as they have good grip.
Sunblock if required
Sun hat if required
Swimming gear in season
Torch for night time walks
Light shower coat, just in case

We have walking poles available to assist you if required (please request them before)

DONATION: The walks are by donation of 15-20-25€ per person.  It’s important for us that the walks are accessible to all and if you are on a very tight budget then we also accept exchanges like some nice chocolate, something home made or a hug!

DOGS: If you have a lovely well trained dog which is also socialized please bring them along. They will need to be on a lead on the roads & some of the beaches .

INSURANCE: We have liability insurance, but do not have medical insurance – this is your responsibility.

GUIDES: All our guides are trained and have the ability to lead groups, they all carry a first aid kit and use walkie talkies to keep in contact with a back marker to make sure the group stays together and are safe. We also have strict departure and return procedure to ensure everyone is accounted for.

The trip and your safety is your responsibility and you must ensure you are covered for this prior to coming on the walk.

Let me know if you have any questions.
0034 608 692 901 (Toby)

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