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Join us at “SOULNA FLOW,” a unique wellness and music event hosted by Soulna & Vida Productions on Monday, 20th November from 19:00h. This evening promises a blend of relaxation, music, and community in a serene setting.

Take advantage of our limited promotion: 50€ for 2 tickets, available until 16/11. Book your spot by contacting +34662387555. Regular contributions are 35€ per person. More details can be found in the bio of @soulnaibiza.

Immerse yourself in our wellness garden at Soulna, where no formal ceremonies or guidance will interrupt your flow. Enjoy the contrasting pleasures of an Ice Bath and Hot Tub, relax in our Saunas, and experience:

* Live Jam Music by Alexis
* A soulful Dj set by Chai Tempo & Marv Brinx
* A tranquil massage area
* An array of delicious food
* A unique Water altar by Trashformation

Please note that individuals with heart conditions should avoid hot and cold therapies.

We are committed to creating a safe and healthy community environment, supported by activities that enhance our health, encourage fun, and foster connections with others. This is an alcohol-free event, and we strive to maintain a clean, plastic-free space in nature. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, please reach out to us before the event to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Children are welcome to join this inclusive event.

For more information and to stay updated, contact us at info@soulna.es. Come flow with us at SOULNA FLOW! ❄️????????


Nov 20 2023




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