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Shamanic Equinox Ceremony & Astrological New Year

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Spring Equinox, is the day when the sun is in the center of the equator, illuminating the land on both sides, in equal parts,12 hours of light/day, 12 hours of dark/night.
It is also the day of the Astrological New Year, the beginning of the zodiac, in the energy of Aries AND it happens on a New Moon this year.
The Mayan culture thrived in its studies of the stars and skies, using the changing seasons and celestial bodies to design pyramids and create their famous calendars. The equinox, when the sun lies directly over the equator, has been a spiritual celebration for the Mayans for centuries.
In this sacred ceremony, hosted by a shaman, taught by Mayas, we will open the gates to the spiritual world. With sacred smoke, instruments, drum journeying, and by entering the shamanic state of mind, I will help you connect to your spirit guides, your spirit animal and your ancestors to gain clarity, healing and equilibrium of body and mind, and your light and dark.
This will be a deep journey inward, into the spirit realms, while sitting or laying down. Everyone will receive an individual healing transmission.
We will also do a Pagan / Wiccan Ostara and New Moon Magick Ritual of visualizing/manifesting how we want the coming year to be, and to instantly attract what we wish for. With the Equinox, this is the most powerful new moon of the year!
Your host, Mirja (norwegian shaman) of The Healing Place Ibiza;
I have learned about the plantmedicine of Cacao in a tiny Mayan – only village in the Yucatan, Mexico. I sat there, in their humble huts, making cacao from the fruit (theobroma) we picked off the tree. We sang. We grilled. We peeled. We squashed. We squeezed. We boiled. We sang. And then we drank the cacao.
I was invited to participate in the most traditional ways of using this plant. In a non commercial way, we shared our knowledge and heritage. I have also participated in numerous more commercial ceremonies around Mexico the the years that followed.
For 9 years now, cacao has been a part of my daily life. In ceremonies and in my daily routine. Only a few times a year, usually at the major “gates or portal of the year” do I feel the deep call to host what I call Cacao Journey Ceremonies. A sacred, very individual inward journey. To connect with your spirit guides/animal and your ancestors. To heal. To grow. And to find answers/clarity about the questions you may carry.
The common feedback I have gotten in the past for years after holding these ceremonies are: clear answers. Deep healing. And a newfound or deeper connection to the spirit world.
INVESTMENT 60 euros (pre paid only)
Limited to 6 participants, so that everyone can get individual attention and healing.
Comfortable clothes – white if possible.


Mar 21 2023


Please be on time.
17:45 - 21:00




Carretera de Ibiza-San Carlos, km 12
Las Dalias Market


The Healing Place Ibiza
The Healing Place Ibiza
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