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Nido – Akasha Ibiza

Nederlands (Dutch) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

Nido is a residency event that begins at midday and offers a unique experience filled with organic house sounds and live music. This event is designed to connect attendees with the earth and joy through its curated selection of music and performances.

The event starts in the Las Dalias garden, where entry is free from midday to 20.00 hours. Here, guests can enjoy the sounds of a diverse and talented DJ line-up including Soul Of Zoo, Cris 44, DJ Andino, Marta Hermida, and Sena. Each artist brings their unique style to the stage, creating a harmonious blend of organic house music that resonates with the natural surroundings.

As the day progresses, the venue transitions to Akasha at 20.00 hours, where the night continues until late. In this segment, Igor Marijuan and Fell Reis take over, bringing their own energy and rhythms to the event. Their performances are known for captivating the audience and elevating the atmosphere, making Nido a standout event for those who appreciate live music and the vibrant energy of house music.

Overall, Nido offers a full day and night of exceptional music, set in an environment that encourages connection and joy. It’s an ideal event for those looking to immerse themselves in organic sounds and experience the uplifting spirit of live performances.

For more info and tickets – https://akashaibiza.com/events/


Nov 19 2023




Akasha Ibiza club
Las Dalias
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