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HeartConnection gathering 4 May – free donation

HeartConnection & People from Ibiza

You will meet people from the Island, gathering and connection by the inspirational wisdom of HeartConnection. Every situation tells something about yourself, this is a present. Often we do not see this like this way. We start to get sick, don’t know what to do, feel depressed, feel important, insecure, the other must heal your problem,  hard working, doing ceremonies etcetera.

From TPM (unsolved trauma) they’re start a biological program. Here starts diseases and illness, but you do not know. Marjolein knows from every physical or mental complain the cause.

Ask your personal question!

Together we will look for the story behind your complaint or illness, which will give you clarity. You will become acquainted with the biological processes of the body/psyche. You will receive an explanation about the biological process behind your (childhood) traumas in your body and psyche, and the manifestation of this. The purpose of a meeting with Marjolein is to gain insight and awareness through your personal question.


Life Blueprint, Personal Timeline, Family tree

The way we think is mainly decided by our culture. But our body always reacts biologically. As soon as we experience The Painful Moment (TPM) (every small or large trauma) our body adapts to deal with it. TPM (unprocessed trauma) is taking place on three levels: in the brain, in the organs and in the psyche. This is how survival mechanisms are created (and the hidden talents behind it). These mechanisms may have arisen in this life, during the Life Blueprint and
in previous generations. You live through unconscious algorithmic patterns that your parents and ancestors didn’t resolve.

These patterns come from your Life Blueprint (the 30 months around the pregnancy), personal timeline and family tree. They cause diseases, ailments and events but also learning disorders and mental diagnoses such as ADHD, borderline, narcissism, dyslexia and manic depression. There is no need to know the whole story to break the patterns. Our subconscious is intelligent beyond imagination, it knows everything. By using the method of Connect-Melt-Release (CMR), you can take back your own power.


Connect – Melt – Release and the 10 Basic Principles

By listening and feeling your body, you grow in consciousness and take responsibility. You break your patterns, you make new choices and finally live your talents. This gives peace of mind, freedom and confidence for now and in the future.

Once you are aware of why things happen, and the way issues relate to previous generations, you can break the cycle of subconscious programming for you and the future generations. If you realize everything happens for a reason, you become very curious about the stories behind it. Without victimization, blame or judgment. And with compassion and self-responsibility.


Practical information

  • One day seminar on Ibiza 4th of May 2023 – Ask your personal question
  • Start 10.30 – end 16.30
  • Location:  Can Skye San Carlos, 41, 07850, Ibiza, Spain
  • Vegan lunch 15.00-16.00  in the beautiful garden with the view on Cala Nova Beach
  • Cost: donation  (normal €249,00)
  • Personal meeting or with your group on location ask for extra information and possibilities by e-mail (info@heartconnectionnederland.nl)
  • For promotion we will film and take pictures (if you have problems with this book an other seminar, thank you)

Reserve your spot

Please, fill in the reservation button so we know how many people there are coming and we prepare your vegan lunch. The one-day-retreat is based on donation.  So we can organize more events and make podcast “People from Ibiza Podcast”.

Because the roads are closed Sunday we rescheduled to 4th of May, if you click the link, you see the new date 4th May. Reservation asap:



May 04 2023


Start 10.30 - end 16.30
All Day




Can Skye Ibiza
Diseminado P 8 San Carlos, 41, 07850, Ibiza, Spain
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