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Flamenco Nights – Dinner and Show – Roto Ibiza

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“Experience the Passion of Flamenco Nights at Roto!”

This winter, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Spain every Wednesday at Roto, Ibiza’s premier restaurant bar. Flamenco Night at Roto promises an unforgettable evening filled with the fiery rhythms and passionate dances of traditional Flamenco.

As you step into Roto, you’ll be transported into a world where the art of Flamenco comes alive. The sultry strums of the Spanish guitar blend with the rhythmic claps and powerful footwork of skilled Flamenco dancers, creating an atmosphere that’s both electric and intimate.

Savor the flavors of Spain with our special menu, featuring authentic tapas and signature drinks, perfectly curated to complement the evening’s performance. Whether you’re a Flamenco aficionado or new to this enchanting art form, our Flamenco Nights offer a unique and captivating experience.

Join us at Roto, where the heart of Spain beats in the heart of Ibiza, every Wednesday this winter. Let the magic of Flamenco warm your soul on these cool nights.

For reservations – https://roto.club/reservas/


Nov 15 2023


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