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Fiestas de Santa Gertrudis

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Starting from Thursday, November 9th, the festivities in Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera continue with various exciting events. The Festival Committee, in collaboration with the Town Hall, has curated a rich program that spans until November 26th, featuring a diverse range of activities and celebrations. Here’s a rundown of the events:


– **8:30 PM:** The festivities kick off with the commencement of the cau championship at the Santa Gertrudis restaurant.


– **8:30 PM:** The parchís championship begins at the Santa Gertrudis restaurant, offering an evening of fun and competition.


– **12 PM:** The action continues with the 4th edition of Espart & Race. This event, taking place at the open space towards Sant Mateu, features teams of four. Teams are encouraged to register their names and members via WhatsApp at 638 392 449 or 618 495 197.

– **6 PM to 1 AM:** The much-anticipated “La Movida” celebration with DJs Petit & Vázquez marks its 10th anniversary in style. The event also includes a concert by Tam Tam Go!, creating an unforgettable evening in the festival tent.


– **12 PM:** The day begins with a solemn mass dedicated to honoring the elderly parishioners. Following the mass, the Grup de Balls Tradicionals Santa Gertrudis will perform a traditional dance, adding a cultural touch to the festivities.

– **12:30 PM:** For those seeking a competitive edge, a sling shooting competition takes place. Located near the old treatment plant road, this event is a part of the Santa Gertrudis Festival Championship and contributes to the Ibiza Championship.

– **6:30 PM:** Theater enthusiasts can enjoy a performance of “Un embolic, dos embolics, tres embolics” by the Es Molí de Sant Antoni neighbourhood association. The show will be held at the multipurpose building located behind the swimming pools.

– **8 PM:** The evening concludes with a rural bingo session featuring fantastic prizes and gifts, hosted at the multipurpose building behind the swimming pools.


– **5 PM:** Language and storytelling come alive with English storytelling featuring “Millie Potter” by the Elàstic Nou company from Mallorca. The event takes place at the public library of CEIP Santa Gertrudis.


– **12 PM:** The day starts with a solemn mass followed by a procession and a captivating traditional dance performance by the Grup de Balls Tradicionals Santa Gertrudis.

– **8:30 PM:** Laughter fills the festival tent as Félix El Gato delivers an entertaining stand-up comedy show suitable for audiences of all ages.

– **9:30 PM:** The square in front of the church becomes the stage for the trophy presentation ceremony for the board games championship of the Santa Gertrudis festival.


– **6 PM to 8 PM:** Dance enthusiasts can witness an impressive dance exhibition and participate in a dance masterclass hosted by the talented dancers from Studio7 Dance Academy.

– **8 PM to 12 AM:** The night comes alive with a youth party featuring DJ Rexo, a resident DJ at Casanova Summum, spinning tracks to keep the crowd entertained.


– **9:30 AM to 3:30 PM:** Motorsport enthusiasts can head to the track for the Balearic Motocross Base Championship, taking place near the village alongside the road to Sant Llorenç.

– **10 AM:** The first day of the Santa Gertrudis Patronage Horse Trophy unfolds at Cuadras Can Mayans, showcasing the equestrian prowess of the participants.

– **10 AM to 2 PM:** Art and craftsmanship take center stage with a vibrant craft fair held in the town square, offering a wide array of unique creations.

– **12 PM:** A moment of reflection and spirituality is marked by a special mass.

– **1 PM:** The 40th anniversary of the Grup de Balls Tradicionals Santa Gertrudis (1983-2023) is celebrated in style. A traditional dance performance featuring members who have been part of the group for four decades adds a touch of nostalgia and culture to the day.

– **6:30 PM:** Intellectual challenges await with the inaugural I Torneo de Qwirkle Fiestas de Santa Gertrudis. Registration is available via WhatsApp at 667701075, where participants can provide their name, last name, and contact phone number. The event takes place at the multipurpose building.

– **8 PM:** Music enthusiasts are in for a treat with a concert by Morning Drivers.

– **9:30 PM:** The evening crescendos with a concert by Ressonadors, celebrating their remarkable 15th Anniversary. This performance by Joan Barbé and Omar Gisbert promises to be an unforgettable spectacle.


– **9 AM to 2 PM:** The day kicks off with the Campeonato de Baleares de Motocross Absolut, offering thrilling motocross action for spectators.

– **9:30 AM:** The final rounds of the 10th Santa Gertrudis Tennis Tournament take place at the municipal tennis courts, followed by the presentation of prizes.

– **10 AM:** The second day of the Santa Gertrudis Patronage Horse Trophy is set to mesmerize the audience at Cuadras Can Mayans.

– **12 PM:** A moment of reverence and blessings is shared through a special mass, offering spiritual solace.

– **12 PM to 2 PM:** Younger attendees can enjoy singing, playing, and dancing during an engaging children’s activity organized by the Federació de Colles de Ball i Cultura Popular d’Eivissa.

– **12 PM to 4 PM:** The IV Concurso Mundial de Arroz con Setas y Trozos (World Mushroom and Pieces Rice Competition) adds a flavorful touch to the festivities. The event is accompanied by DJ Toni Torres, providing a lively soundtrack. Due to limited space, interested participants can register by emailing cfsantagertrudis@gmail.com. This culinary experience unfolds in the festival tent.

– **4 PM:** The lively atmosphere continues with music provided by Gran Reserva, creating a delightful ambiance in the town square.

– **6:30 PM:** Intellectual challenges return with the I Torneo de Qwirkle Fiestas de Santa Gertrudis. Registration remains available via WhatsApp at 667701075, ensuring fair competition. The event is held at the multipurpose building.


– **6 PM:** The XIV Cursa de sa Sobrassada (Sobrassada Race) adds a dash of excitement to the festivities, offering a thrilling race experience.


– **Caminata Fiestas de Santa Gertrudis:** Regardless of the weather, the scenic walk takes place


Nov 26 2023




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