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Ethereal | From Hell to Purgatory La Divina Commedia – Akasha

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Experience an enchanting journey through the realms of the afterlife this Halloween at “ETHEREAL HALLOWEEN: From Hell to Purgatory – La Divina Comedia” hosted at Akasha Ibiza.

Date: October 31st

Get ready to be captivated by a lineup of talented DJs who will guide you through the night’s sonic adventure:

Las Dalias Café (Starting at 20:00 h – Free Entry)

  • Sena
  • Maricha

Akasha Ibiza (Starting at 23:00 h)

  • Malandra Jr (Live Set)
  • Medusa Odyssey (Live Set)
  • Iban Mendoza (Live Set)
  • Aigua

As the clock strikes midnight, we’ll embark on a musical odyssey that draws inspiration from “La Divina Comedia,” taking you from the depths of Hell to the penance of Purgatory. Each DJ will craft a unique sonic experience, leading you on a journey through these ethereal realms, leaving you spellbound by the rhythms and melodies that echo between the worlds.

Join us for an otherworldly Halloween celebration, where music, mystique, and merriment converge at Akasha Ibiza. Don’t miss this unforgettable night of beats, live performances, and the spirit of Dante’s epic tale brought to life.

For more information and to purchase tickets – CLICK HERE


Oct 31 2023






Las Dalias and Akasha
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