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Especial – Divendres , Special – Vendres

“Especial” is a vibrant and contemporary theatrical play that takes us through the adolescent life of Marcos, narrated in a humorous manner by his mother, Lídia. Lídia guides us through a room filled with color, music, and dance as she explains the experiences and challenges Marcos faces during this stage of his life.

The story is infused with a fast-paced rhythm, accompanied by contemporary dance and music that enhance the narration throughout the play. Through this portrayal, the complexity of adolescence is explored and how it affects different generations. Themes such as social judgments, the pressure to fit into certain standards, and the search for identity and personal growth are addressed.

“Especial” invites us to reflect on how we can overcome these judgments and liberate ourselves from the limitations that prevent us from being authentic. It is a play that celebrates diversity and encourages us to embrace our own individuality. With a combination of narration, dance, and music, “Especial” offers a unique and energetic theatrical experience that captures the spirit of adolescence and its transformative power.

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Phone : +34 971 39 76 00


May 26 2023






Can Ventosa
Avinguda d'Ignasi Wallis, 26, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears
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