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Core Workshop ‘Easy & Safe Abdominals


Easy & Safe Abdominals

In this workshop we will learn easy and safe exercises to workout our ABDOMINALS.

Easy because the exercises are not exhausting!
Safe because the PELVIC FLOOR muscles will be engaged simultaneously with the DEEP ABDOMINALS in order to prevent any pressure on the pelvic organs or spine.

Abdominals done incorrectly (when the belly is pushes out like in the famous crunches) can create serious problems like incontinence, prolapses and hernies. Also the lower back and the neck can be injured easily.

When we combine the deep abdominals with the pelvic floor muscles,
we create like a ‘muscular corset’ which protects organs and spine.
The practice becomes not only safe, but also very effective.

~Perfect workout for back pain and weakness in the pelvis.

~A must after childbirth!

~Toning your core will give you a graceful posture with a feeling of strength and ease in your body.

Price: 30€

Please reserve your space.
+34 616766881


May 07 2023


09:45 - 11:45




Six Senses Ibiza
Carrer Camí de sa Torre, 71, 07810 San Juan Bautista, Illes Balears
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