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Art of Tantra

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Beautiful being,

I see you, and I know it is not always easy.

I’ve been there, and at times I still am…

I also know it can be different.

Imagine, waking up one morning feeling deeply connected and FREE. Able to give yourself what you seek in contact with others.

Your new recovered freedom, sense of belonging and self love allows you to use your full scale of CREATION. Looking for approval and letting your boundaries be crossed belong to the past.

You feel the strength to live to your full potential. Because you have found the key to a more joyful, AUTHENTIC, empowered and loving life.

You can still feel your fears, but your confidence is stronger with a big bag of tools to deal with life in a conscious way. Your SENSITIVITY and INTUITION are your magic powers. You enrich your own life and the lives of your loved ones.

As you let your own light shine brightly, you invite others to do the same.

Yes! I choose soul-centered love…

This retreat is for you when you:

  • Desire more free expression, clarity, honesty, connection and celebration in your life;
  • Have a wish to feel and communicate your deepest desires and clearest boundaries;
  • Want to reconnect with your sensitivity;
  • Are ready to make choices in life that actually make sense and feel true to your inner calling;
  • Have a deep commitment to live in complete freedom;
  • Long for a tribe of like-minded people who are willing to support you and are ready for the same level of commitment as you are;
  • Are ready to activate playfullness
  • Want to go on an inner journey involving intimacy and sacred somatic sexuality.

The Art of Tantra is a transformative journey towards soul-centered harmony. A deep inner process that allows you to rest in the simplicity of your true nature.

Practical information

LOCATION: we gather in the hills of Ibiza

DATE: 3-9th of May 2023


  • Bed in Safari tent: € 1150,-
  • Bed in Bell tent or tipi: € 1050,-
  • Bring your own tent or Van: € 950,-


Bookings and questions through whatsapp: Tamara+31650522086


What can I expect?

This journey is based on intuition, deep inner work and 15+ years of experience in the field of tantra, somatic sexuality, expanding consciousness and breathwork.

During the retreat we make use of powerful techniques like breathwork, consent and boundary practices, mirroring, temple arts, dance, shadow work, tantric practices, somatics, embodied sexuality techniques, systemic work and conscious touch.

For us, food is very important. Aligned with the journey, in harmony with nature. We invite you to nourish your body and yourself with natural, organic and local food and to show you how you can find your best nutrition from simplicity and conscience. Prepared by your medicine chef Nauj and team

In order to create a safe space and to guide

every participant as well as we can, we only have LIMITED AVAILABILITY

You are most welcome.



May 03 - 09 2023


16:00 - 11:00




Can na Vibracion
A mountain in the North


Ilumina | Tamara Groen
Ilumina | Tamara Groen
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